git, wallpapers and kdeartworks

Moving artworks to git might be a bad idea: everytime you clone a git repository you are doing a copy of the whole repository including the history. For this reason if you plan to update frequently your artworks you should consider to keep your artworks on a svn server, so users are not forced to clone all the previous artworks.

For this reason  workspace wallpapers (kdebase/workspace/wallpapers) and kdeartwork will not be moved to git. So don’t forget to continue to checkout artworks from SVN!

  • You can get default base wallpapers from /trunk/KDE/kde-wallpapers/
  • You can get kdeartwork from /trunk/KDE/kdeartwork/

KDE SC 4.5 Wallpapers

The wallpaper contest has ended and now I can announce that KDE SC 4.5 will have 12 shiny new wallpapers:
New KDE SC 4.5 Wallpapers

Autumn, Grass, Hanami and Stripes will be part of kdebase, while all the other wallpapers will go into kdeartwork.

Thanks to:

  • Alexandre Courbot (Hanami, Korea)
  • Helena Świderska (Yellow Flowers)
  • Ivan Čukić (Stripes)
  • Jonas Arnfred (Blue Wood)
  • Jorge Sandín (City at Night)
  • Piotr Adamek (Autumn)
  • Risto Saukonpää (Chess, Dragonfly, Field, Grass)
  • Sebastian Schubert (Osterkaktus)
  • and to everyone who has sent photos.

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Icon Time: High Definition Oxygen and Nuvola

High Definition Oxygen

Without any doubt Tokamak II was a great meeting, as it allowed me to work on several things. Two of these things are High Definition Oxygen icons and Nuvola icons.

High Definition Oxygen is a folder that contains 256×256 icons for mimetypes and places and the really good news is that now Oxygen iconset uses less space on disk than before: we don’t install SVGs anymore (so we can save about 60 mb) and we can use a piece of that free space for the new high definition icons that are incredibly small (they requires only a couple of mb).

Something that I really liked about Oxygen is that it is already ready to render at big sizes (Oxygen artists have done a great work).

I have also great news for Nuvola icon set fans: Nuvola is back and it will be part of KDE 4.3 kdeartwork module 🙂
During tokamak I spent several hours renaming and fixing Nuvola icon names and now it can be used also on KDE 4 🙂

changes in kdeartwork

Everything in KDE 4 looks fresh and cool but kdeartwork is the same since KDE 3 so recently I’ve started to work on a kdeartwork update.

As first step I’ve done 3 big changes to kdeartwork:

  • Moved desktoptheme to kdeartwork.
  • Some kdebase wallpapers have been moved to kdeartwork (kdebase doesn’t contain more than 15 wallpapers).
  • Some old artworks have been killed (or moved to a different location).

Actually I’m still working on kdeartwork clean up, but soon as possible, when I finish this step, I’ll blog more about the future of kdeartwork.

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