KDE SC 4.5 Wallpapers

The wallpaper contest has ended and now I can announce that KDE SC 4.5 will have 12 shiny new wallpapers:
New KDE SC 4.5 Wallpapers

Autumn, Grass, Hanami and Stripes will be part of kdebase, while all the other wallpapers will go into kdeartwork.

Thanks to:

  • Alexandre Courbot (Hanami, Korea)
  • Helena Świderska (Yellow Flowers)
  • Ivan Čukić (Stripes)
  • Jonas Arnfred (Blue Wood)
  • Jorge Sandín (City at Night)
  • Piotr Adamek (Autumn)
  • Risto Saukonpää (Chess, Dragonfly, Field, Grass)
  • Sebastian Schubert (Osterkaktus)
  • and to everyone who has sent photos.

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11 thoughts on “KDE SC 4.5 Wallpapers

  1. Hi Davide,

    I’m not seeing stripes in kdebase/workspace/wallpapers, there’s only one resolution in kdm/kfrontend/pics/


    • @Ivan: I know, your wallpaper is meant to be default_blue replacement so I had to use the old wallpaper format, so I wasn’t able to upload all the resolutions that we need. We have to add plasma wallpaper pack support to kdm as soon as possible.

    • @Victor: 1440×900 has the same ratio of 1920×1200, so it can be obtained at runtime with a downscale. As usual we ship wallpapers for 3/4 different screen ratios.

  2. Please, wait that all the wallpapers gets released with KDE SC 4.5 first and do not download them from svn server and commit them to other sites like kde-look to be available before that! Some of them will be added there from original authors after the KDE SC 4.5 has been released.

    Otherwise you are just making the the KDE SC 4.5’s “new feeling” littlebit smaller.

    Thanks for advanced!

  3. WOW ! They are _really_ excellent. Way better than those of the 4.4 release imho.
    They fit really well on a desktop : not too contrasty and disturbing (apart from the red flower on black background maybe).
    Congratulation to all the contest winners 🙂

  4. They really are gorgeous. The wallpaper selections for KDE4 releases have yet to disappoint 🙂

    But do I understand you right that _again_ the one abstract wallpaper will be default? I’d like to understand why that is, I’m pretty sure that’s not a good move in regard to marketing and the brand that we’re building (at least for the individual releases)

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