KDE needs you :)

KDE SC 4.5 will be released soon in August and we would love to see some of your photos beeing part of the KDE SC wallpaper collection 🙂

If you want to participate you must keep to 3 fundamental rules:

  • you must be the author of the photograph, you must provide your full name and you have to state the license (lgpl v3 is better).
  • entries must be at least 1920×1200 resolution and a copy of the photo in RAW format (if available) is apprecitated.
  • you must send your photographs to davide.bettio@kdemail.net before the 13th of june with the word “WALLPAPER” in the subject

Your wallpapers will be evaluted by some of the KDE artists and the best wallpapers will be released with KDE SC 4.5.

10 thoughts on “KDE needs you :)

  1. Ma ci sono caratteristiche particolari delle foto, o basta che siano foto? Uhm, non so se mi sono spiegata…

  2. Hmm, is it allowed to have peoples in the photo? I have some very nice ones of KDE developers… 😉
    With raw format you mean the photo must not be edited etc?

    • @Jonas: We prefer RAW for several reason (when available), for example, we can fix images without any quality loss.
      You can send us edited images anyway. 🙂

  3. im one of chakra project developers and chakra artworker .
    can i contribute in kde sc 4.5 with kde artworkers and pinheiro ?

    some of my works is in my blog 🙂

  4. I looked that raw thing up. I did not know cameras without jpg until now. May be because of the four or five digit price. Who needs picture by 40mb a piece?

  5. Jonas, many needs the quality and dynamic what RAW photos only offers. JPEG is only good for situations where the photo needs only fixing afterwards (cropping, downscaling) or very little editing (lightness, saturation). But manipulation is almost impossible with JPEG photos.

    Think about situation where there is hard contrast. With RAW, you can recover +1 aperture over-exposured area and get details from it. From under exposured areas it is possible to get -2 aperture amount of details. Things what is impossible with JPEG.

    And not to mention non-destructive sharpening, color control, noise reduction and very important white balance control, 12-16bit color space, instead the 8bit)

    Normal photographers do not need RAW. But advanced amateurs and professionals need them. They can be the life saving to get perfect photo what would be impossible otherwise.

    Think if you could get +/- 4 aperture adjustement possibilities when editing with computer. Instead that you would need to make compromise in the scene and get only avarage results for the photo.

    And RAW photos are available for cheap cameras as well. Many 500 euros cameras has RAW format as well. All DSLR’s has RAW photos. And in so many situations the RAW is the only format what should be used.

    But in this case, KDE do not need RAW format of the photo. Only the lossless format version. Like PNG, what supports 48bit colors, metadata and lossless compression. From those they can crop and resize needed versions easily.

    The RAW is like negative on film cameras. It is the source of the good photo what you need to create afterwards in the studio.

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