KDE on mobile phone #0 (building ofono)

Sadly KDE mobile phone stack hasn’t been accepted as google summer of code project (we had other 50 proposals with higher priority).  Personally I don’t agree, so I plan to work on it anyway.

If you want to build a KDE mobile stack that is able to connect to GMS/UMTS/CDMA network you need to build ofono (or any other similar daemon) as first thing. You just need to download phonesim and ofono from here. Then you just have to build both with ./configure && make. If you want you can run both from source directory (but you’ll need to copy src/ofono.conf to /etc/dbus-1/system.d/ofono.conf).

Ofono configuration is rather simple, you just have to copy the following configuration in /usr/local/etc/ofono/phonesim.conf.


Now you are ready to run phonesim and ofono.

Our mobile phone stack depends also on ofono-qt library.

We love fresh wallpapers :)

As usual we would like to see new wallpapers included in the next KDE SC release and we need your help.  So a new wallpaper contest is started!

If you want to participate you must keep to 3 fundamental rules:

  • you must be the author of the photograph, you must provide your full name and you have to state the license (lgpl v3 is better).
  • entries must be at least 1920×1200 resolution and a copy of the photo in RAW format (if available) is apprecitated.
  • you must send your photographs to davide.bettio@kdemail.net before the 13th of june with the word “WALLPAPER” in the subject

Your wallpapers will be evaluted by some of the KDE artists and the best wallpapers will be released with KDE SC 4.7.