KDE SC 4.5 Wallpapers

The wallpaper contest has ended and now I can announce that KDE SC 4.5 will have 12 shiny new wallpapers:
New KDE SC 4.5 Wallpapers

Autumn, Grass, Hanami and Stripes will be part of kdebase, while all the other wallpapers will go into kdeartwork.

Thanks to:

  • Alexandre Courbot (Hanami, Korea)
  • Helena Świderska (Yellow Flowers)
  • Ivan Čukić (Stripes)
  • Jonas Arnfred (Blue Wood)
  • Jorge Sandín (City at Night)
  • Piotr Adamek (Autumn)
  • Risto Saukonpää (Chess, Dragonfly, Field, Grass)
  • Sebastian Schubert (Osterkaktus)
  • and to everyone who has sent photos.

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