We love fresh wallpapers :)

As usual we would like to see new wallpapers included in the next KDE SC release and we need your help.  So a new wallpaper contest is started!

If you want to participate you must keep to 3 fundamental rules:

  • you must be the author of the photograph, you must provide your full name and you have to state the license (lgpl v3 is better).
  • entries must be at least 1920×1200 resolution and a copy of the photo in RAW format (if available) is apprecitated.
  • you must send your photographs to davide.bettio@kdemail.net before the 13th of june with the word “WALLPAPER” in the subject

Your wallpapers will be evaluted by some of the KDE artists and the best wallpapers will be released with KDE SC 4.7.

8 thoughts on “We love fresh wallpapers :)

  1. “entries must be at least 1920×1200 resolution and a copy of the photo in RAW format (if available) is apprecitated”

    I believe the “RAW” here stands for Lossless format and not actual RAW files (CR2, ORF, NEF etc)….? As photo owner who crops, tweaks, edits and/or manipulates the photo as it should be, can not be offered anyway as RAW format and it would make KDE developers to have the skills and the vision how to edit the photo then how it should look.

    And (L)GPL license does not demand the RAW format if the photo is offered in modified version in first place as it just takes place in first released version. And wise move for every photographer is to license only the modified version of the photo as (L)GPL and never the RAW file. And in these cases usually in most countries GPL is against the copyright laws as in cases of photographies, international law permits photographer permits to relicense and reuse different way of the photos from negativies, in this case RAW files. So actually digital photos negativies (RAW files) can not be licensed as any GPL licenses and CC license is preferred.

    That is the problem to use any GNU Public License for photographs and Creative Commons should be used as it follows better way the law what grants greater rights for the photographer than the code writer.

  2. We’ll not commit any RAW file in our repositories. RAW files are good if we need to do some changes to the photo (color curvers, saturation, other filters, etc…). Anyway lossless formats are ok too.

  3. As nice as the wallpapers are photographically and artistically, I would apreciate if they were a non-hard dependency for a minimal KDE workspace. I need half an hour to download just for those 50 MB (the size of KDE 4.6’s shipped wallpapers).

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