Plasma and QGesture*

Plasma has support for mulitouch events but for some reasons I can’t get any QGestureEvent, does anyone have any idea about why QGesture doesn’t work with Plasma?

It seems that QGestureRecognizers can receive QEvent::TouchBegin but they can’t receive QEvent::TouchUpdate or QEvent::TouchEnd.

Any idea?


Plasma Web Browser and WebKit

Recently I’ve been working on the web browser plasmoid and since yesterday it’s possible to use it like a complete stand alone browser (with advanced rendering capabilities thanks to QtWebKit), moreover Plasma::WebView has been recently ported to KGraphicsWebView so it has KDE integration too.

The summary of recent changes is:

  • Plasma::WebView does the same (and better) with less lines of code.
  • Plasma::WebView uses now a KDE integrated WebKit.
  • Web Browser now supports windows (with overlays).
  • The progress bar has been replaced with a ProgressComboBox (like rekonq).

By the end of the tokamak plasma will provided to users a complete web experience.

tokamak 4

designing good user interfaces (0)

Example of a bad ui layout.

Example of a bad ui layout.

Example of a good ui layout.

Example of a good ui layout.

The first UI (the bad one) has a complex grid layout which is cluttered and confused, while the second UI has a better layout which looks like a book page that can be read easily from left to right and from top to bottom.
The second UI uses more vertical space, but we must not forget that one of our primary goals  is to provide usable UIs.

Moving things to the right place

Yesterday I’ve moved desktop theme configuration from Desktop Settings to System Settings style module. Now Desktop Settings dialog looks less cluttered.

New system settings/style desktop theme configuration tab

New system settings/style desktop theme configuration tab

Now I’m still working on Desktop Settings dialog and I will continue to improve it.

Next step is to add categories to wallpaper settings.

KFormat and DeviceKit-disks



I waited for a long time to play with DeviceKit-disks (DeviceKit-disks is a rather interesting daemon that allows developers to not clutter their code with format related stuff) and now this week I had time to start working on KFormat. The idea behind KFormat is to replace KFloppy then the next step will be to implement KDiskManager and a KDE disk management library.
The first revision of KFormat is now under development in KDE svn and I will blog when I’ll have more interesting updates.