Moving things to the right place

Yesterday I’ve moved desktop theme configuration from Desktop Settings to System Settings style module. Now Desktop Settings dialog looks less cluttered.

New system settings/style desktop theme configuration tab

New system settings/style desktop theme configuration tab

Now I’m still working on Desktop Settings dialog and I will continue to improve it.

Next step is to add categories to wallpaper settings.

13 thoughts on “Moving things to the right place

  1. Categories with nepomuk-support for wallpapers would be excellent.
    I would rather want a plasma-theme maker (perhaps with an included kdm-theme and splash maker). This would be awesome.

  2. Can you do something about Wallpaper settings? Add Remove button so I can remove wallpapers from list? Replace list with grid?

    Thank you,

  3. In case no one says it, THANK YOU! This’ll help with the current disconnect between the plasma settings and the rest of KDE. The best DE ever, gets even better!

    Thanks again!

  4. @Davide Bettio:
    Thanks for your work! To have that choose in System Settings is a good idea. Could you implement cumuulus007 mockup link?

    That mockup is really great!

  5. Talking about moving stuff around:

    Wouldn’t it be better, if the mouse cursor style settings would also be moved to the “Theme Settings”?

  6. thanks a lot for your work on system settings 🙂 this is one of the things I love to see improve in KDE 4.4, so am more then happy this is being picked up.

  7. Bye the way, some time ago there was a blog with a lot of screenshots + suggestions about the overall organization of options (couldn’t find it yet, sorry). Is this being taken into account too? 🙂

  8. Oh, now you’re on it:
    Currently, decriptions of themes don’t seem to be used at all. Can you or make use of them, or remove them?


  9. Thanks.
    Can you also do this for desktop mode, like folder view and others?
    Its hard when right click or cashew are missing..

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