Plasma and QGesture*

Plasma has support for mulitouch events but for some reasons I can’t get any QGestureEvent, does anyone have any idea about why QGesture doesn’t work with Plasma?

It seems that QGestureRecognizers can receive QEvent::TouchBegin but they can’t receive QEvent::TouchUpdate or QEvent::TouchEnd.

Any idea?

6 thoughts on “Plasma and QGesture*

  1. Assuming it’s like mouoseevents.

    You need your widget to accept the touchBegin event in order to receive the notifications.

    Maybe you also need to run setMouseTracking(true) (or some touch equivalent)

    • we’ve already added setAcceptTouchEvents(true); and according to examples you don’t need to implement any event(QEvent *) function.

  2. Has this maybe something to do with the fact that mulitouch doesn’t work in X11, only Windows and Mac OS X?

  3. I could be totally wrong, but I seem to recall a discussion somewhere on IRC implying that touch under Linux isn’t yet functional due to missing required bits of the stack (MPX or similar).

  4. Is multitouch even fully implemented in Qt/X11? I think I’ve read something somewhere about it needing X11 support which is currently not there and it only actually working on Winblow$ $€v€n. 🙁

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