Some updates (about me and my life)

It has been a long time since my last post on this blog.
I’ve been busy with a lot of cool stuff recently and I haven’t had time to write more posts.
In the meantime my life changed a lot during last year, so I will spend few words on what happened.
At the end of September we launched the MISSUS experiment on BEXUS stratospheric baloon, it has been a success and it was really cool.
Few hours of experiment have took me hundreds of hours of work but it has been worth of it.
After the launch of MISSUS experiment I’ve started to spend most of my time with Ispirata, the company which I’m working for. Some days I’ve been working more than 8 hours day, but I really like what I’m doing because we are developing fresh and cool technologies. One of these projects is Hemera, a distribution for embedded devices based on Mer.
Part of my work on Hemera at Ispirata is also to contribute to Mer Project.
Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to contribute to KDE Plasma but I plan to find some spare time for it too, anyway part of my work is going to improve Plasma Active which runs on Mer, so part of my work is going to improve a KDE project 😉
So this has been my life during last year, I think I will post more further details soon about what I’ve been doing.