it’s time to get ready for Qt 5/KDE 5

While plans for Qt 5 have been announced a lot of  KDE software still depends on deprecated libraries like Qt3Support and KDE3Support. Qt 5 will not include Qt3Support, so all the code that is using it has to be rewritten. This is a huge list of cpp/h files that are using Qt3Support and KDE3Support. We must fix this issue as soon as possible.

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  1. As part of this process, why don’t you kill styles like “System ++”, “Modern”, “Web”, that not only use that library, but have been with us since KDE 2.0. “Keramik” has been with us since KDE 3.0, but you get the idea: there are some themes more than 10 years old, using Qt3Support, with no maintainer, in SC 4.6. So I have Oxygen, some borked Aurorae styles, Bespin, and those.

    EVERY RELEVANT KWIN STYLE IS, OR BESPIN, OR OXYGEN, OR AN AURORAE, DEKORATOR OR SMARAGD STYLE. Kill those relics off and give me a selection of the best KDE-Look styles. That, as a wish, and as a little contribution to fix this bug.

  2. While I agree that it’s about time to fix the Qt3Support/KDE3Support classes, this list is full of false positives… The K3* List for example contains every file from K3B, while for example kstyles have support for Q3Widgets (basically strings) while the don’t require Qt3Support themselves.

    Anyways, creating a list of all to-be-fixed files is actually a good idea. Perhaps a more accurate algorithm is needed to find them by a script…

  3. Weren’t KDE developers supposed to port EVERYTHING to Qt4? And they had several years to do so, so what’s the problem? That should be already done

  4. @alkfjl: yes, they did (Qt3Support is part of Qt4).

    @mzanetti: yes, I know, I should have exluded k3b string and included any other K3* string. Anyway it isn’t meant to be a kind of “official list”.

    @Jeffery MacEachern: I have no idea.

    @Alejandro Nova: that topic should be discussed by the artworks team.

  5. Qt3Support is not friendly with RTL UI. Please kill it as soon as possible:)

  6. @Alejandro Nova: the styles were kept for several reasons, among others since they are lightweight, which is necessary for X over the network.

  7. I understand the requirement to keep legacy KWin/Qt themes for X11 networking as I followed that discussion at the time.

    But now I have started to think there could come a new theme for that purpose and move those as a optional package.

    I do like some of the themes as they are retro and they are very great for many cases like when teaching a new person (a child or a senior) to use computer at first time, they are very clear what is what part and modern styles like Oxygen does not show that at all.

    (Teaching someone the UI working demands clear functionality and positions while smoothness without clear contrast is bad)

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