new kickoff mockup

Friday night I was playing with inkscape and I tried to do a kickoff mockup because I don’t like kickoff’s current look (kickoff is a white and flat rectangle that doesn’t fit really well in a black plasma theme). So, I worked all night and at 05:30 AM I finished this mockup:

(don’t forget that I’m not an artist 😉 )

My idea essentially is to use user’s current plasma theme, so If the user uses the default theme he will have a black kickoff otherwise if the user uses fluffy bunny theme, user will have a fluffy bunny themed kickoff. 😀

Today I started to work on it: I created a new branch called ckickoff, I removed some lines of code and I switched from Plasma::Applet to Plasma::PopupApplet.
PopupApplet allows (with a few lines of code) for showing an icon when the plasmoid is on the panel, and showing the whole plasmoid when it’s on the desktop, so now if you place kickoff plasmoid on the desktop you see kickoff launcher and not a K icon.

For now I have nothing more to say except that I’m going to Akademy:
I\'m going to Akademy 2008